“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” -Ludwig Wittgenstein

If your website is gathering visitors, but your products and services are gathering dust, maybe it’s not what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. Good news… 

I can help.

The right words have the power to...



Because your business and its growth mean something to you. And because you wouldn’t be here if what you were doing already was working for you.


Knowing what you do, how, why, and for whom, are great. But expressing all that in a way that feels like home to your ideal customers is something entirely different.


Your zone of genius is creating and sharing your talents with your right people and making money doing so. This is mine. I create the words that draw your right people in and persuade them that you’ve got what they’re looking for.


Forward-thinking entrepreneurs know they can do a lot, but they can’t do it all – at least not effectively.


And that’s where I come in.


I’m experienced. I’ve been in retail, corporate, and online business development for nearly 30 years, and I’ve got the skillset to prove it. These days, anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a professional. Ad they do. It’s important to understand who you’re really working with.


I’ve helped hundreds of businesses succeed through expertly written copy and I can help you, too. You can learn more about my qualifications, here


Blending my own experience with the principles of Behavioral Psychology and Consumer Science, I’ve developed a proprietary system that not only helps you figure out who you are, but who your right buyers are, and how to most effectively reach them. The results are higher conversions and a larger, more loyal client base for you. 


Sound enticing? Keep reading.

Absolutely everything you need to stand out online.

My standard web copy package includes:

Happy Homepage

A professionally penned customized description of your website’s ‘welcome mat’ plus a tantalizing call to action to entice your ideal customers inside to click around.

FAQs Page

Your virtual information hub. This page provides saves you the time of answering the same queries over and over again. Up to 10 Q & As that you provide written in your brand voice.

Contact Page

Getting your visitors to reach out through a form is no simple task. A well-written contact page is a welcome invitation for them to open the lines of communication.

About Me/Bio Page

Your story encapsulated onto a customized page that exudes your exclusive personality and business style, speaking to your tribe in a language they’ll be magnetically drawn to.

Work With Me Page

This page details a bit about you, your process, and how you work with your ideal customers. It’s descriptive, not verbose, and it’s compelling without sounding desperate.

Brand Archetype Course

A complete and customized course around understanding and leveraging your own Archetypal Brand Persona. ($397 value) You’ll also learn how to find your Ideal Customer Brand Archetypes.

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A personal touch

Every copy package includes:

  • An hour-long consultation


  • My undivided attention


  • My signature Creative Brief


  • Access to a private project hub to keep everything organized and on-task


  • Custom designed prose rich with relevant SEO keywords


  • Your brand articulated in your voice


  • Unlimited email support throughout



Frequently Asked Questions


You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.


How does payment work?

This project is a fixed price agreement, so there are no surprises. Because I dedicate my time solely to your project, full payment is due before we begin. Once we decide we’re a good fit, I’ll send an invoice your way. I accept payment through Stripe and PayPal.

What is the typical time frame?

That will depend largely on you. If you’re happy with the first draft and get your ‘homework’ back to me on time (including any requested revisions and other information) we should be finished in about 2-3 weeks.

Is brand strategy included?

While we will dig into your authentic self, you should come into this project with a working knowledge of who you are, what you do, and for whom. If you’re still working on all of that, check this out. Come on back once you’ve completed the preliminary work.

I need a webpage that I don't see here.

Every website is unique, and as such each has its own special needs. If you want to swap out a page included in the package for a different page, we can do that. If you want to add a new page to the existing package, we can do that, too.

How many revisions do I get?

It’s expected that revisions or tweaks may need to be made on the road to perfect copy. Because this is a fixed price agreement, revisions are limited to two rounds within the scope of the project. Anything further is quoted at my hourly rate.

What happens when we're all done?

Once you’ve approved all of your copy, I’ll send you a package with everything we worked on together so you’ll have it all in one convenient copy brand book to reflect back on. Then, just add your copy to your site and launch.


Let’s give voice to your vision.



Get off the sidelines and start building a business you want, not one you’re stuck with.

I generally book 4-6 weeks in advance. Click below to hold your spot.