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The feet you stand upon today support a structure that’s been decades in the making. Every day, every event, every moment has brought you to this place. You are a giant melting pot of experience.

archetypes are a summation of you.

They’re rooted in the belief that you were blessed with a dazzling array of gifts before you were even born. Some never discover them. Some don’t know how to use them efficiently. And some don’t use them at all. It goes beyond values to the deep-seated origin of those values. We’ll uncover what the values are, but go one deeper to determine where they’re coming from. Some are experience based, but others just ‘are’. A combination of your intrinsic gifts, your life events and your current situation. Aligning yourself with your inborn Archetypal personage will help you uncover, understand, and (most importantly) believe how absolutely, incomprehensibly boundless you truly are.

Cross the bridge from what you think you know to what is true into the land of pure, unadulterated honesty.