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The Luminary Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

/The Luminary/
The Luminary archetype seeks the truth in all things. Disciplined and ascetic in your methodology, you possess the unique ability to set aside your own convictions and opinions in order to arrive at the purest truths. A true sage, you seek to understand, not to control or to alter. Contemplative, wise, fair and objective, the Luminary does not get caught up in trivialities or pettiness. You are often able to see patterns where others may not. By positioning yourself as an expert, you encourage those around you to dig deep and really think.

dignified, wise, curious, austere, contemplative, unbiased, expert, advisor, teacher, confident, credible, intelligent, calm, investigative, academic, researcher, thinker, truth seeker

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The Innocent Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

/The Innocent/
The Innocent archetype is gifted with an enthusiastic sense of wonder. An eternal optimist, you are viewed as being pure, wholesome and full of virtue. You seek to infuse positive energy and encouragement to all that you encounter. Firm believers that less is more, the Innocent archetype offers simple, easy to use solutions. You enjoy the calmness and the security of trusting and open relationships both personally and professionally.

gentle, spontaneous, accepting, optimistic, pure, genuine, clean, healthy, traditional, romantic, saintly, virtuous, trusting, honest, wholesome, trusting, loving, idealistic, fanciful, utopian, accepting, nostalgic

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The Explorer Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

/The Explorer/
The Explorer archetype is a seeker, often motivated by dissatisfaction, restlessness or confinement. You are on a continual quest for self-awareness and self-knowledge. A wanderlust consumed with a passion to seek greener pastures, your search for your authentic self is whet through exploration and adventure.

seeking, free, adventurous, curious, experimenter, inquisitive, pathfinder, pilgrim, searcher, self-sufficient, trailblazer, traveler, autonomous, ambitious, individualistic, independent

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The Monarch Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

/The Monarch/

The Monarch exhibits a strong sense of leadership and dominion. Also known as the Ruler, this archetype strives to empower others to do their best. Systematic and detail oriented, you’re known for your powerful image, accountability, strong personal values and enduring sense of responsibility. Always the first to step up to the plate in a time of chaos, you’re a natural born leader. With executive flair, you exude confidence and competence through your actions. You stay organized with policies, systems and procedures in place for maximum efficiency.

master, authoritarian, leader, ruler, systematic, confident, powerful, constructive, responsible, values-oriented, level-headed, boss, administrator, role model, organized, goal oriented

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The Creator Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

/The Creator/
Inherently expressive and a staunch non-conformist, the creator has an innate ability to see inspiration everywhere and you can find it in the most unlikely of places. Innovative and imaginative, you have a highly developed sense of aesthetic. This archetype uses imagination to transform reality. True to yourself and divergent, you are the picture of individuality. Blessed with creativity and imagination, you have a strong desire to create something of abiding value. Your vision transcends convention.

authentic, original, innovative, creative, clever, imaginative, expressive, a visionary, perceptive, illuminated, non-conformist, inventive, unorthodox, focused, curious

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The Nurturer Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

/The Nurturer/
The Nurturer, also known as the Caregiver is the ultimate altruist. Always willing to lend a hand, you unselfishly give of yourself to help others. You are innately supportive and compassionate. You feel called to respond to the needs of others and feel most fulfilled when doing so. Through counsel, advocation or support, you are there for others and expect little, if anything, in return.

patient, altruistic, empathetic, compassionate, dedicated, caring, generous, understanding, reassuring, optimistic, positive, advocate, care-giver, supportive, dedicated

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The Magician Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

 /The Magician/
The Magician archetype exudes transformative powers and charisma. Adept at using imagination to affect vicissitude, you are consciousness-raising, spiritual and a true visionary. A firm believer in synchronicity, you believe that everyone and everything is interconnected. As catalysts, you act as agents of change and enjoy creating beneficial metamorphoses, influencing people and turning visions into reality. You are often able to conceptualize possibilities where others cannot.

charismatic, imaginative, clever, transformative, mysterious, gifted, visionary, catalyst, inventor, healer, respected, mystical, spiritual, intuitive, perceptive, powerful, creative

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The Warrior Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

/The Warrior/
The Warrior, also known as the Hero, strives to overcome adversities and rise to the occasion. Focused, determined and courageous, you are motivated by a challenge to succeed despite having the odds stacked against you. Others admire your strength, stamina and winning attitude. Proving your worth through courage is important to you. You are goal oriented and on a mission to make a difference.

courageous, protective, heroic, strong, achiever, competitive, focused, disciplined, helpful, goal-oriented, determined, energized, crusader, winner, team-player, rescuer

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The Maverick Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

/The Maverick/
The Maverick is a force to be reckoned with. You’re at home with the phrase ‘rules are made to be broken’. Your outspoken and sometimes radical ideas have the capacity to be keys to social change. Never satisfied with the status quo, you herald transformations and awakenings through new, unbridled perspectives. Challenging commonly accepted notions invigorates and motivates you. Developing cutting-edge ideas, methods, and products sets you apart from the rest.

rebellious, game-changer, iconoclast, revolutionary, dissenter, challenger, populist, risk-taker, black sheep, contrarian, brave, provocative, powerful, honest, experimenter, progressive

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The Passionate Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

/The Passionate/
The Passionate archetype is also known as ‘The Lover’. The quintessential aesthete, you appreciate beauty and surround yourself with it in all aspects of your life. You seek enrichment and personal fulfillment. You’re motivated by helping others to uncover and use their own gifts for success and betterment. Relationships are very important to you in life and in work. You enjoy connecting with others through shared passions and commitment.

charming, charismatic, friendly, sociable, connector, optimistic, fun, sensual, appreciative, emotional, bon vivante, lover, harmonizer, enthusiastic, aesthete, committed

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The Jester Archetype | Melissa Bolton, Ink.

/The Jester/
This archetype helps us to laugh at life’s little absurdities. At home in a crowd, you’re unconcerned with trying to impress others by putting on airs. You believe that it’s truly possible to be adored for exactly who and what you are. You live for today. A great talker, your archetype is rarely caught off guard. Generally the life of the party, you call for fun in all of life’s situations and people are drawn to you for this. You believe that the world would be a much better place if everyone would just lighten up a bit.

jolly, positive, uplifting, charismatic, imaginative, mischievous, irreverent, playful, original, happy, motivating, inspiring, funny, tricky, entertaining, clever, cheerful, Zen master, jovial, witty

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/The Communitarian/

You possess a strong desire to build community and bring people together, ensuring people have a sense of pride and a feeling of belonging. You are masterful at helping others to fit into a group. You believe that everyone was created equal and get great satisfaction when you see people working together to achieve a common goal. You are a firm believer in democracy; all for one and one for all.

realist, girl next door, empathetic, fair, kind, resilient, Egalitarian, relatable, understanding, communal, democratic, friendly, unpretentious, the silent majority, perceptive, responsive, networker

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