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I need help with shaping, defining, and articulating my authentic brand.


I need help expressing and verbalizing my brand, story, unique voice, and messaging.

the archetypes desk

I need help understanding my brand’s unique personality and characteristics.

melissa's desk

I need to talk to a seasoned expert about some specific issues I’m struggling with.


I need a business brand tagline that communicates my unique value to my ideal clients.

business tagline services

I am the brand. I need a tagline or epithet to powerfully define who I am and what I do.


I need a unique name for my business, newsletter, product, service, community, etc.


I am a brand new brand or seeking a full rebrand and need help with… everything.

Archetype Sneak Peek

I need to figure out my brand archetype and get a better grasp on my brand persona and traits.


I need some help figuring out exactly who my Ideal Customers are and what they’re looking for.


I’m a DIY gal, but I need some help writing copy that evokes emotion and increases conversions.

Archetype Grid 2021

I’m intrigued about brand archetypes and I want to learn more about all the different types.


I’m familiar with my brand and my archetype. I need a DIY brand strategy guide to finish up.

Welcome Ad2

I secretly struggle with client boundaries in my onboarding and offboarding processes. Help.

brandable business collateral

I need a thorough, professional business plan clients and investors will get excited about.


I’m a coach and want to increase bookings. I need a way to showcase my coaching program.

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