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But first things, first…

I’m in the business of helping you develop an authentic, copy-proof brand presence that's second to none.

I make it my job to help you authenticate and grow your small business in a way that speaks directly to your ideal customer. I do that through neurobranding (applying the principles of Psychology to my branding work), direct response copywriting, consulting, brand strategy, and right person profiling (niche finding).
In my work, I specialize in helping you to give voice to your vision. ‘Behind the Scenes’ Branding, I call it. That means that I don’t sell website design, graphics, logos, blog designs, or any of the pretty stuff. I can refer you to some very talented people in that department if you’re looking for some visual brand assistance. Many times we’re able to collaborate and work together to perfect your unique brand.
Just because it’s business doesn’t mean it can’t be personal (and fun). The business of business doesn’t have to be formal and dry. And you never need to feel uncomfortable about not knowing something. We all start somewhere! Let’s have some fun with this. Chances are, you got into this to do what you love. So let’s do it.

Personal & Business Branding

Conversion Copywriting

Consulting & Strategy

Right Person Discovery

Here are some of the ways we can work together...


    Branding is storytelling. You already have a story. Maybe you need some help polishing it up and making it shine. Whether you’re just starting out or if you already have a business and some re-branding is in order, I can help. I focus on both personal brands and business brands. I’ve helped hundreds of women launch successful brands that are still thriving today. Learn more about my branding services.


    Even if we’re experts in our field, we all need a little help sometimes. That goes for me, too. While I’ve been at this awhile, I’m never satisfied with the amount of knowledge I possess. I’m always learning, taking classes, reading and testing new theories and strategies. I use this arsenal of knowledge to make your business work better for you. I do this through consultations. Whether you have a simple question or need a more extensive discussion, I can help. Just pick your package.


    Copywriting is a form of marketing. Is your website copy working for you? When a visitor lands on your homepage you have mere moments to convince them to click their way inside. Anyone can slap a website together and call themselves a copywriter, but what you’ll find out if you haven’t already, is that there’s a science to all of this. Get it right and magic happens. Get it wrong and you’re leaving money on the table every single day. As a well-versed pro, I’ll help you get your message across clearly, concisely, and draw your right people to you like a magnet.

    I can help out with website copy as well as with brand voice. I’ve helped countless brands find their voice (including a couple of New York Times bestselling authors). I’m pretty confident that I can help with yours, too. Visit my copywriting page for more on how.

    What About SEO?
    SEO? Sure, we hang out, but I wouldn’t say we were close. SEO is one of those high maintenance friends. Always needs attention and you just never know if it’s getting you anywhere. And fickle, you never really know what she wants-it changes regularly. I see the value of SEO and appreciate what it has to offer. I infuse commonly accepted SEO practices into my writing and am cognizant of keywords and linking as I write. But between keeping up with all the changes and maintaining them regularly…it’s a full-time job. Just not MY full-time job.

    You can say all the right things for all the right reasons, but if you’re talking to the wrong people, it’ll never matter. Finding out who your ideal customers are is absolutely essential to the profitability of your venture. I’ve developed a pretty foolproof signature system to help. I’d be happy to show it to you. Start by taking the complimentary assessment.

If you’re writing the clearest, truest words you can find and doing your best to communicate, this will shine on paper like its own little lighthouse. -Anne Lamott

But how do you find those clear, truthful words to help you shine?  I believe that the best brands have three things in common. They’re authentic, they’re original, and they’re reliable. I work with my clients, not for my clients. Together we go about the business of crafting a truly-you persona and a voice that exudes your mission and methodologies in a way that speaks to your right people in a language that feels like home.

Because of the way I work with clients, it’s important to make sure we’re a good fit for one another. Nothing less will do.


Reach out with any questions.