Popularity is overrated

In life and in business, being popular and being liked aren’t always the same thing.
Popularity means people are aware of who you are.
Likability means you are respected, admired & adored.
It’s the difference between being Recognized vs. Renowned.
Just because people have heard of you doesn’t mean they revere you. That has to be earned.
Folding amiability into your brand is what turns transactions into relationships.
People buy from people they like.
They come back time and again.
They tell others.
And they stick with people they like- even if the price is slightly higher or a modicum of inconvenience is involved.
Can you have both? Absolutely. In fact, strive for it.
You have your right people, they get you and you get them. They like you and you love serving them~ and you do it well. Creating a gathering of followers, fans, and likeminded people will garner you relationship based sales and notoriety. Perfect.
Bottom line:
Branding with authenticity, reaching your legions of right people, and selling to emotion is the path to successful customer relationships every. single. time.
Get your name out there. Keep polishing your star. Be popular in your own realm.
But, make it personal. Because in life and in business, only the best things are.