Your Personal tagline: Crafting a Prophesy of Purpose

A personal brand tagline is a unique and identifiable ‘epithet’ associated with you, the brand. It’s a professional designation that bolsters your good name. Similar to a business tagline, it communicates your unique value while positioning you with your right people. And it does all of that in just a few short, impactful words.


Lead By Example

I specialize in two distinct areas, and thus, have two separate personal brand taglines. You’ll notice in my logo above, they are: Aesthetic Wordsmith & Brand Therapist. Here’s the logic behind that:

Aesthetic: Indicates something responsive and beholden of what is pleasurable to the senses
Wordsmith: One who writes compelling, unique copy, often for businesses and professionals.


Brand: Your brand is the autobiography of your mission. It’s designed to differentiate yourself and your business from the competition and do so in your own unique voice. 
Therapist: Is commonly thought of as one who assists others with issues that are stifling progress. Someone who is trained in methodologies that address and assist with the overcoming of these issues, often through talking and strategizing.


Why Do I Need One?

To define your what you do and how. 
To differentiate yourself from the competition. 
To emulate and adhere to. Living by the tenets of your epithet keeps your rhythm certain as you maintain a consistent, united front across the landscape of your entire being. You’ll find it’s as advantageous to yourself as it is to the outside world.

The Process Of Hatching Your Sobriquet
  1. Use the Pay Now button to be directed to a secure payment gateway. If you’ve got any questions, please contact me first.  
  2. Within one business day, I’ll send along a detailed questionnaire to get a better idea of who you are both personally and professionally. 
  3. Within a week (often sooner) you’ll find a list of at least 5 forward-looking, singular choices. 

You’ll walk away with a confidence-boosting, personalized tagline developed just for you. Use it everywhere from your logo to social media, your email signature and beyond to define your unique value through your personal methodology and specialty.

Investment: $397

You are who you are. Share it proudly. 
Step out in your identity from today forward with a customized epithet developed expressly for you.

Tag, you’re it.

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