Meet The Passionate Archetype




The Passionate Brand Archetype is also known as ‘The Lover’. You love people, and are right at home doing deep-dives to get to know them more intensely. As for your environment, you possess a strong sense of aesthetic. You’ve got a great appreciation for beauty and surround yourself with it in all aspects of your life. You seek enrichment and personal fulfillment and want others to follow suit. You’re motivated to help people uncover and use their own gifts for personal success and betterment. Relationships are extremely important to you in both life and work. You enjoy making quality connections with others through mutual desires and commitment. Your brand represents magnificence and pleasure. You follow your bliss and attract a customer base who does the same. You are proud to offer exquisite quality and offerings that you deeply believe in.


charming, charismatic, friendly, sociable, connector, optimistic, fun, sensual, appreciative, emotional, bon vivante, lover, harmonizer, enthusiastic, aesthete, committed


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Love makes the world go ‘round
You’re the only one.


Surrounded by beauty


Being alone
Making others feel unappreciated
Being viewed as unattractive
Being unwanted

Meet the others

We’re not in any of this alone. It’s important not only to understand ourselves, but other people. 

Learning more about the other archetypes will help you comprehend why other people do the things they do, what inspires them, what they fear, and what drives their goals and behaviors. It also helps process why you get along and work well with some, and not so well with others.


Visit the Archetype Directory to get familiar with the other types. You’re bound to see familiar faces there. You may even see a little of yourself in some of the other types; A good sign that you would get along quite well with them.


Remember, there are no right or wrong archetypes. And there are no absolutes. You’re likely to be a blend of more than one type. To learn everything there is to know about your brand archetype and how to powerfully put it to work it in your life and business, check out The Passionate Brand Archetype Course.

What’s your type?

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What other types are most compatible with mine?
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