The Nurturer Brand Archetype hub

Everything here has been chosen specifically for your brand archetype. From fonts and color palettes to graphical elements to brandable templates, and more. If it’s for the Nurturer brand archetype, you’ll find it here.


Branding With Archetypes Course

The original Branding With Archetypes Course. Recently expanded and updated. Everything you need to know about developing and humanizing your brand.

nurturer color book

Brand Archetype Color Palettes

A mini-course including a primer on the psychology of color along with 30 intentionally selected color palettes that work like magic with your brand archetype. An uncommon gathering.

Fonts For Your Archetype

A beautiful collection of unique, designer-crafted fonts to help breathe life into your archetyped brand. I’ve also included some archetype-specific graphical elements in this folder.

Customizing Canva templates

Brandable Templates

Brandable business collateral to help you breathe new life into your business. Consistent, gorgeous, and professional. Customize yourself in the free, desktop version of Canva.

nur sm

Social Media Templates

Done for you social media squares you can use as-is or customize in the free, desktop version of Canva. They were designed specifically with your unique archetype in mind.

Brand Archetypes

Free Ideal Customer Archetype Quiz

You don’t always work well with people like yourself. So who do you work best with? Take my free ideal customer archetype quiz to find out. You might be surprised by the results.


Archetypal Stock Photos

An expressive, on-point gathering of free stock images you can use to bring your brand archetype to life. I’m adding to this board often, so check back from time to time.

Brand Strategy Guide

A deluxe brand strategy & Identity guide packed with everything you need. You can customize it with your own fonts, images, and colors in the free, desktop version of Canva.

Printable Archetype Art

Beautifully designed printable art. Showcase your archetypes in your office, postcards, or wherever you like. Your files are very versatile. You’re gonna love these.

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