Meet The Nurturer Archetype

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The Nurturer

Also known as the Caregiver, the Nurturer is the ultimate altruist. Always willing to lend a hand, you give generously and unselfishly of yourself, sometimes to a fault.
You are deeply supportive, compassionate, and often put other people ahead of yourself. You get great fulfillment from responding to the needs of others, even when you know it means you may get nothing in return.
Naturally approachable, friendly, and sincere, your empathetic nature allows people to feel they can open up to you, and in the process, you create genuine, candid relationships.
You have a way of providing a nourishment that others are looking for.


Love others as yourself.
Compassion above all else.


To be unconditionally loved
To feel safe and protected
To make the world a better place


To feel abandoned
Being in harm’s way
To be punished or confined
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Meet the others

We’re not in any of this alone. It’s important not only to understand ourselves, but others. 

Understanding a bit about the other archetypes will help you comprehend why others do the things they do, what inspires them, what they fear, and what drives their goals and behaviors.

Remember, there are no right or wrong archetypes. And there are no absolutes.

Visit the Archetype Directory to get familiar with the other types. You’re bound to see familiar faces there. You may even see a little of yourself in some of the other types; A good sign that you would get along quite well with them.

What’s your type?

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