How to Find the Perfect Niche


Niche discovery is one of the most important aspects in business branding. You’ve got to know who you’re talking to.

You can say all the right things for all the right reasons, but if you’re talking to the wrong people, it will never matter.
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So, how do you create a customized, right person profile, one that allows for growth and expansion, all the while retaining and honoring your existing client base?

Below you’ll find a dozen questions to carefully consider when shaping your most-likely-to-buy persona. They’re among the same questions I ask clients when they come to me with niche discovery issues. Dig deep, be honest, take your time. Your answers will help funnel the masses into a pretty little niche that’s just perfect for you.


Customers don’t want to be sold to, they want to be inspired.
Potential customers have landed on your page because they have a need or a 
goal in mind. It’s your job to understand what they’re looking for and let them know how you can help. 

Take note, that while they’re visiting your site in search of a solution, you have mere moments to convince them that they should care about what you’re offering and that you’re their best option. With so much competition customers know they have a choice- plenty of choices. That’s why it’s so important to show them that you get it -you get them- and that you’re able to speak their language in a voice that resonates.

The second a potential customer lands on your site is when their relationship with your brand begins.
It’s up to you to decide how the rest of the story goes.


Twelve steps to creating a right person profile.

What’s their age? Gender? Skill level?

Where do they hang out?
Locally? A house? Alone? A camper? Within your country? And does it matter?
This means both online and in their communities.
Forums? Facebook? You Tube? Twitter? Concerts? Coffee houses? The mall? With friends? 


What aspects of your life will they most relate to?
Parent? Education? Style? Age? Location? A mutual taste in Pins?

What aspects or facets of your work with they most relate to?
Reputation? Referrals? Testimonials? Body of work? 

What are the pain points that bring people to you to seek help?

What sorts of solutions are your right people seeking? 
Tangible? Intangible? Be specific.

Why are you the best person to help them?
What do you offer that the competitor does not.
Why can’t they do it themselves? How are you qualified?

How can/do you fill current marketplace voids?

You can’t work with everyone. And you shouldn’t want to.
What are some warning signs of your wrong person?
Remember: Quality trumps quantity.

Find three words that describe your personal style. 


Find three words that describe your business style.


What’s the ultimate compliment a client could give you in regard to your business?


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