How To Discover Your Ideal Customer Archetype


You can say all the right things, for all the right reasons,
but if you’re talking to the wrong people, it will never matter.
-Melissa Bolton



Who are your Ideal Customers?

Getting to know who your customers are at a more intense level will both transform your brand and enrich your customers’ experiences.

In a perfect world, everyone would be interested in buying from you. In the real world, you find success by speaking specifically to those who are most-likely-to-buy from you. These people, known as your ideal customer archetype, are your best prospects.


Your ideal customers are likely to have the following in common:

√  They need and want what you’re offering.

√  They’re going to buy from you.

√  They’ll be genuinely happy with their purchase.

√  They’ll speak highly of you and refer others to you.

√  They’ll be repeat and loyal customers.


Your Ideal Customer Archetype (ICA) represents an individual who is statistically most likely to make a purchase from you. Your values, style, and methodologies align with theirs. You solve the problem they have. It’s kismet.

Your ideal market segment is made up of people who share similar traits, goals, and behaviors. What you say and do resonates tremendously with them. The purpose of developing your ideal customer archetype profiles is to zero-in on the specific personality, needs, goals, values, and desires of someone who is a perfect fit for your offerings.



How do you find them?

The simple answer is, intentionally. Very, very intentionally.

You’re going to have to invest a lot of thought into developing your ICAs. The good news is, you really only have to do it once. Unless you’re overhauling your brand then this process is evergreen. Your personality is what it is. Your beliefs may change, but fundamentally you’re the same. So the way you present yourself and your brand should stay pretty consistent.



Getting to know who your customers are at a more intense level will both
transform your brand and enrich your customers’ experiences.



Figuring out your ICA is difficult, It gets even more tough when you realize you have more than one ideal customer archetype. Sometimes, several. (Most brands have between 2-5.) While similar, these buyer personas have slight differences, and they’re important ones. While you’re still able to meet their unique needs, you may approach things slightly differently for each buyer profile. If it sounds confusing, that’s because it is. Figuring out how to patch together a stereotypical group of people who can’t wait to throw their money at you isn’t easy. If it was, more people would be successful. You need a plan, and a good one. Lucky for you I have one. If you need one-on-one help, we should connect



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