Your brand is your story. A well told, enticing brand story is what sets you apart. It must effectively convey who you are and what your business does. It needs to exude trust, integrity, draw interest, and be unique-yet relatable, and above all else, memorable.
A brand has many facets, but the big three are:
  • What you promise. Your brand promise. What you commit to deliver and how, collatoralized with your reputation.
  • What can be expected. Consistency tells the story. Expectations relay how you’re likely to behave and react, the level of service you provide, what sorts of offerings you put forth, your pricing and beyond.
  • How you’re perceived. When it comes to a brand, perception is everything. The way you present yourself allows others to make assumptions. A clear brand is your guide to consumer clarity.

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Also integral to a brand is the visual aspect, such as your logo, website design etc. You can read more about that in the Graphic Design FAQ.