A copywriter is skilled in the art of crafting personalized, compelling text that defines, provokes, entices and ideally, converts. Well written copy will get your message across to your niche with laser-focused clarity.

Copy can take many forms:

WEBSITE: Professional copy can make all the difference to an online business. Making connections online is no easy task. Without the benefit of a face to face connection, you’ve got to use some savvy to allure potential customers inside your virtual digs. Your home page, your bio and your sales pages should have a cohesive flow that speak in your voice to your right people.

Copy is a relationship building sales tool that you truly can’t afford to skip.

Copywriting attracts more than human attention, too. Search engines send out ‘spiders’ to comb the internet for data to use in rankings. They’re looking for particulars behind the scenes. Within your pages and your product descriptions they seek SEO-relevant things like properly spaced, relevant keywords with the correct density.

PRINT: Copywriting helps garner attention and help you gain mindshare through physical pieces such as brochures, rack cards, postcards, and other tangible marketing materials.

MARKETING: Professionally penned online advertisements, press releases, pitch letters, email communiqué, and other internet marketing pieces captivate through emotional marketing, not pushy persuasion.

PERSONALIZATION: Copywriting includes the development of compelling brand storytelling, intentional content, catchy business names, personal tag lines, business taglines, and product descriptions to help define your offerings and set you apart.