Your graphic design is all of the imagery, logo, patterns, colors and intricate coding that make your business attractive and memorable.

Beauty isn’t nearly as impactful without a soul. 
Also known as your visual brand, your design is only half the story. Just as with your overall brand persona, voice, and copy, it should be professionally done for so many reasons. Functionality, appeal, and originality are staples of an impeccable presence. But as with any eye-catcher, it needs a personality and a voice. That’s where some deep diving brand therapy and I come in. 

I believe in the necessity of graphic design wholeheartedly, but, it’s not what I do.

If you’ve got a graphic designer already and/or have recently completed a brand design, we’ll work to seamlessly blend it all together. I’m happy to collaborate with your existing designer on content and context.

If you need one, I am happy to refer any of my clients to a host of trusted graphic design professionals, each with their own distinctive flair. As we work together, I am happy to offer insights on how to best bring your visual brand to life.