Branding comes in two forms: Personal Branding and Business Branding. Both include your reputation, the way you are perceived and both require consistency and adherence. Here’s how they differ:
Your Personal Brand is, in essence, your public persona. [This is why you’ll sometimes see me format it as Persona(l) Branding.] When you’re in small business, you are the brand. You must market yourself as a capable, trustworthy, individual and capitalize on all that you have to offer, both personally and professionally. Positioning yourself as an expert helps create “You: The Brand”. No matter where you go, your personal brand will follow. Read more about that, right here.
This differs from your Business Brand, which is designed to encapsulate and define the mission and the persona of the entity, itself. Business branding is essentially the promises you make to your customer. It’s what they can expect from you as a business. It defines a singular, differentiated presence that allows you to attract and effectively serve your right people. 
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