Your copy is your ‘spoken’ marketing. Proper copywriting should be clear, concise, and downright hypnotizing. It should work with your visual brand to inform, capture, compel, and motivate your right people. It’s not enough to just tell your story. You need to share it and do so effectively within your niche, ideally positioning you as a front of mind choice.

My specialty lies in the creation of creative copy.  Penned in your authentic voice, it’s written expressly for your most-likely-to-buy contingent. Creative copywriting works to turn the heads of your right people, fostering trust, relationships and conversions. Your relationship begins the moment a potential client lands on your page, it’s so important to get it right. 

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Once we decide we’re a good fit and agree to forge ahead with your project, you will receive an invoice from me. It will arrive in your inbox via Paypal. I overwhelmingly prefer payment through Paypal. No account? No problem. You can make a secure payment through Paypal even if you don’t have an account. If there is a fee, that is the responsibility of the payer (that’s you).

It would be unusual for me not to use Paypal, but I understand life happens. If you’ve got an issue with this payment method, let’s not let it be the only thing that gets in the way of our working together. Reach out and we can discuss other arrangements.

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A copywriter is skilled in the art of crafting personalized, compelling text that defines, provokes, entices and ideally, converts. Well written copy will get your message across to your niche with laser-focused clarity.

Copy can take many forms:

WEBSITE: Professional copy can make all the difference to an online business. Making connections online is no easy task. Without the benefit of a face to face connection, you’ve got to use some savvy to allure potential customers inside your virtual digs. Your home page, your bio and your sales pages should have a cohesive flow that speak in your voice to your right people.

Copy is a relationship building sales tool that you truly can’t afford to skip.

Copywriting attracts more than human attention, too. Search engines send out ‘spiders’ to comb the internet for data to use in rankings. They’re looking for particulars behind the scenes. Within your pages and your product descriptions they seek SEO-relevant things like properly spaced, relevant keywords with the correct density.

PRINT: Copywriting helps garner attention and help you gain mindshare through physical pieces such as brochures, rack cards, postcards, and other tangible marketing materials.

MARKETING: Professionally penned online advertisements, press releases, pitch letters, email communiqué, and other internet marketing pieces captivate through emotional marketing, not pushy persuasion.

PERSONALIZATION: Copywriting includes the development of compelling brand storytelling, intentional content, catchy business names, personal tag lines, business taglines, and product descriptions to help define your offerings and set you apart.



Your brand is your story. A well told, enticing brand story is what sets you apart. It must effectively convey who you are and what your business does. It needs to exude trust, integrity, draw interest, and be unique-yet relatable, and above all else, memorable.
A brand has many facets, but the big three are:
  • What you promise. Your brand promise. What you commit to deliver and how, collatoralized with your reputation.
  • What can be expected. Consistency tells the story. Expectations relay how you’re likely to behave and react, the level of service you provide, what sorts of offerings you put forth, your pricing and beyond.
  • How you’re perceived. When it comes to a brand, perception is everything. The way you present yourself allows others to make assumptions. A clear brand is your guide to consumer clarity.

I can help with all of it. Check out my branding services right here.

Also integral to a brand is the visual aspect, such as your logo, website design etc. You can read more about that in the Graphic Design FAQ.

Branding comes in two forms: Personal Branding and Business Branding. Both include your reputation, the way you are perceived and both require consistency and adherence. Here’s how they differ:
Your Personal Brand is, in essence, your public persona. [This is why you’ll sometimes see me format it as Persona(l) Branding.] When you’re in small business, you are the brand. You must market yourself as a capable, trustworthy, individual and capitalize on all that you have to offer, both personally and professionally. Positioning yourself as an expert helps create “You: The Brand”. No matter where you go, your personal brand will follow. Read more about that, right here.
This differs from your Business Brand, which is designed to encapsulate and define the mission and the persona of the entity, itself. Business branding is essentially the promises you make to your customer. It’s what they can expect from you as a business. It defines a singular, differentiated presence that allows you to attract and effectively serve your right people. 
I offer both services. Email me for more info.

SEO [Search Engine Optimization] is the process of increasing visibility and gaining traffic from free, natural, and organic searches. Copywriting is one of the best ways to achieve front-end, on-page SEO using relevant keywording and phrasing. There are a lot of self-proclaimed SEO experts out there. I am not one of them. What I can help with though is the writing.

Professionally copywritten website pages [like the home page and bio] and well-crafted product descriptions and content marketing help the search engines know what you do as they begin to associate your website with a particular specialty. Well-chosen keywords also drive relevant traffic to your website, increasing its exposure and rankings. 




Any personal information you provide will remain within my confidence. This includes your name, contact information, passwords, ideas etc.  I solemnly swear I will never share, release, sell, or rent your personal information to any entities or individuals outside of this website.

Credit Card Details
I will never ask for your credit card details. Payments are accepted through Paypal’s SSL encrypted servers for your protection.

A “cookie” is a small data text file that is placed in your browser and allows this website to recognize you each time you stop by. Cookies themselves do not contain any personal information. They’re utilized to improve the client experience by customizing content.

External Sites
Third party Internet sites or services that may be accessible through this website will have data and privacy practices independent of mine. For that reason, I disclaim any responsibility or liability for their policies, opinions, or actions. Please contact those vendors and others directly if you have any questions about their privacy policies.


Terms & Conditions
As my valued client, I promise to do my best work for you at all times. My job is to present you and your business in the most genuine and positive light possible. To voice your vision with uniquity and strength.

I trust and believe in the fact that you will make every effort to be respectful and ethical, and I promise the same to you. Everything you share with me will remain in the strictest of confidence. This includes passwords, business plans and ideas, thoughts, correspondence etc. 

For most branding and copywriting services, unless otherwise noted, I work primarily through email, not via telephone or Skype. The reasons for this are many, but most importantly, it allows me to maintain a written transcript of our dealings to refer back to as I work. We will be in contact regularly throughout the project for progress checkpoints and to touch base.  

Each copywriting project comes complete with an initial draft and two subsequent revisions at no charge to you – provided we don’t stray from the original scope of the project. Revisions beyond that may require additional fees, to be agreed upon beforehand. By publishing the work live online or in print, you agree that you are satisfied fully with the work. Should any changes need to be made in the future, additional fees may apply. 

You are entitled to one of the final drafts of your choice and not to all of the drafts I provide you with. This is the case with any and all copy, business name suggestions, and business tagline suggestions.

Because I value authenticity above all else in business, I take great pride in differentiating you from the competition. Your finished project will be unique to you. I do my best to ensure that my work does not coincidentally infringe upon the rights of any third party or existing copyrights. However, I cannot be liable to you, or any third party, for damages, including lost savings and/or profits, claims or complaints, litigation or other incidental, consequential or special damages which may arise regarding your project. I am unable to assume any responsibility whatsoever for your business performance or loss.

It’s so important to me that you’re elated with the final product. We’ll work together to get it right. That’s a promise.

Thanks for understanding and as always, if you have any questions, just ask.



Your graphic design is all of the imagery, logo, patterns, colors and intricate coding that make your business attractive and memorable.

Beauty isn’t nearly as impactful without a soul. 
Also known as your visual brand, your design is only half the story. Just as with your overall brand persona, voice, and copy, it should be professionally done for so many reasons. Functionality, appeal, and originality are staples of an impeccable presence. But as with any eye-catcher, it needs a personality and a voice. That’s where some deep diving brand therapy and I come in. 

I believe in the necessity of graphic design wholeheartedly, but, it’s not what I do.

If you’ve got a graphic designer already and/or have recently completed a brand design, we’ll work to seamlessly blend it all together. I’m happy to collaborate with your existing designer on content and context.

If you need one, I am happy to refer any of my clients to a host of trusted graphic design professionals, each with their own distinctive flair. As we work together, I am happy to offer insights on how to best bring your visual brand to life.



Once we figure out how I can best serve your needs, we’ll patch together your perfect project, and I’ll send along an invoice with previously agreed-upon fees. 


For both accountability and accounting purposes, I prefer to transact through Paypal. You don’t need to have an account with them to make a one-time payment.

If you’re ready to roll but your wallet isn’t, you can finance our work together by using a credit card through Paypal.

Due to the nature of our work together, I require full payment up-front. This policy was instated due to a few unscrupulous souls who disappeared into the wind with the copy I crafted for them. I’ve never [ever] had an issue with this arrangement. And with Paypal, you always have buyer protection.

 Once payment is completed, I’ll send along any questionnaires or ‘homework’ you need and off we go.