Copy that tells, and sells

From interested to invested, and every step of the way in between, well-written, emotive copy works to convert curious browsers into convinced buyers.

“Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exists in the hearts of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product. This is the copywriter’s task: not to create this mass desire, but to channel and direct it.” -Eugene Schwartz

The manner in which you present your business to the world is pivotal to your success. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs realize the value of a professional copywriter that’s both creative and skilled at producing effective, SEO infused content that speaks to your niche in your authentic voice. A written form of marketing, proper copywriting should be clear, concise and downright hypnotizing. It should capture, compel, and motivate your right people.

There are two forms of copywriting: general and conversion. General covers things like taglines and other branding props, brochures, commercials, and print ads, for example. All the things that tell, but don’t necessarily sell. And then, there’s conversion copywriting. That’s the copy that’s out there working for you, driving your customers to act. It’s well-researched, it’s intentional, and it’s how you make your money. I can help you with both.

Some things I can help you with:

Website Copywriting

Attract your right people with this all-in-one package. Effective, compelling copy that transforms your website into a conversion machine.


Sometimes, it’s the little things that mean the most. Good copy brings the customer in, good microcopy keeps them there.

Personal Tagline

Some call it an anthem, others call it a title. Your personal brand tagline is a professional designation that communicates your unique value. (Mine is ‘Brand Therapist®).

Naming Services

Business? New product? New service? Newsletter? Community? Fan base? Whatever it is, you name it, I’ll name it.

Custom Project

A book, pamphlet, course, brochure, advertisement, marketing campaign? If you’ve got a special project in mind, I should be your first call.

Brand Tagline

Your brand’s marquee. Your tagline fortifies your business name as it succinctly and powerfully communicates your purpose in your own unique voice.

Product Descriptions

Every product and service deserves an impactful, persuasive description. I go beyond the benefits and get your offerings sold.

Working with Melissa was an absolute delight!

She has a way with words that simply embody your voice and style without imposing her views. She proactively offers suggestions and ideas that impact your copywriting and business growth in areas you might not have thought about – e.g. she created and recommended positioning of copy on the homepage to improve the website appeal to customers and search engine ratings without asking her. She was able to pick up on my style within the first few exchanges and produce product descriptions, fabric names, company, and personal bio and press release exactly how I envisioned them and would have done if I could string words together as beautifully as she does. Melissa was very responsive to emails and worked to get everything completed ahead of schedule and even when I moved up a deadline because of a change to my schedule, she was extremely gracious about accommodating the change and working on an accelerated timeline. Her attention to quality is impeccable and she is quick to edit/rewrite to your satisfaction although there were very minimal edits and no full rewrites required since she pretty much got it right the first time. She’ll take whatever “brain dump” you have, mix it up in her magic blender and churn out great copy that is YOU. Her copywriting was motivation as I prepared to launch my line and I looked forward to reading each product description – made my products come alive, and the press release was beyond my imagination. Cannot wait to work with her again! -Kemi Newman

Why Me?

I’m a relentless self-starter with lots of experience who puts everything I have and then some into the work I do on your behalf.

    I’ve got 25 years of practical business experience & countless hours invested in post-grad work ready to go to work for you.

    Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses succeed through expertly written copy and I can help you, too.

    My copy converts. I’m a Certified 10X Landing Page specialist through Copyhackers.

She has know-how and reliability.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melissa, both as a client and a business partner. She has one of the strongest work ethics of anyone I’ve ever done business with before. Melissa is a wonderful copywriter and is brilliant when it comes to marketing, SEO, and social networking. Staying on top of the game is so important in these areas, and Melissa is constantly educating herself on new techniques. If you’re looking to enhance your online presence, Melissa Bolton is highly recommended. She has experience, know-how, and reliability. Catherine Haugland

What's Included?

  • An hour-long telephone or Skype consultation.
  • An intense discovery questionnaire.
  • Layout suggestions that play up your style (font, format, links, images…).
  • Custom designed prose rich with relevant SEO keywords.
  • My personal, one on one attention.
  • Unlimited email support throughout the process.

Melissa's gift is designing with words.

Melissa’s gift is designing with words. Her zone of genius is taking my rambling and awkward thoughts and transforming them into the most delightful symphony of prose on paper. If you have a brand, then you need Melissa! Let her use her gifts to strengthen your brand and help you soar to heights you never even dared to imagine possible. -Tamsen Horton

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