A single conversation has the power to impact your entire life.

I make it my job to be one of those conversations for you and your business.

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My experience + your vision = business kismet

Over the past 25 years, I have consulted with and influenced hundreds of business owners and brands. Our time together will be loaded with honesty, impact, and value. Expect nothing less than my undivided attention and my very best for you and your business. I coined the term Brand Therapist® and live it throughout everything I do. There are a lot of imposters out there. Don’t be fooled by inexperience or swayed by those who make a living borrowing their inspiration from others. No one knows the intricacies of this business better than me. And I’m here to lend every ounce of my extensive expertise to your cause. The work we will do together will position you to move mountains. Make money doing what you love for who you love without sacrificing your values along the way. Nothing else will do.


All of my expertise and attention in your corner

Probably the most frustrating thing I see in this industry is the vast number of brilliant creatives with tremendous talent and unbelievable ideas… sitting idly on the sidelines watching life happen for others and waiting for it to happen to them, too. They’re not sure where they fit in, how, or with whom, they’re caught up in the undertow of other people’s advice, opinions, and ‘best intentions’. But good intentions are not an elixir for stagnation. They’re not a replacement for expertise. So let’s say we stop all this ruminating and get on the phone and start you in the right direction. Shall we?


Telling someone “You’ve got potential” is kind of an insult.

As far as I’m concerned, commenting on potential is nothing more than saying – ‘hey if you play your cards right, someday you might make something out of yourself’. Great. So how does that matter now? It doesn’t. Not yet, anyway. But it can. With more than 25 years of proven sales and brand-building experience under my belt, I am the segue between where you are now and where you should be. An hour with me will undo years of uncertainty and inaction. I know it to be true because it happens every.single.time.

Real Clients, Real Results

Coached a client through the development of her very first signature program resulting in a 5-figure initial launch. And it’s still growing.

Worked with an author on an unconventional and hugely successful branding and marketing plan for her NY Times Best Selling book.

Branded a client’s new product from concept to completion that has since sold out on QVC, and been featured on GMA, The View, and many more.

Helped a client develop and brand an innovative new tool that drew international press and was picked up by Michael’s stores, Walmart, and featured in swag bags at The Emmys.

Consulted with a client to rebrand herself as a leading authority in her marketplace. She has since been featured across dozens of high profile media outlets and is a well known influencer in her field.

Collaborated with a client to sharpen her focus and reposition both herself and her existing offerings. She increased her rates and nearly doubled her bookings with just a few simple tweaks.

Liberated a client from doing work she hated and helped her launch a successful online program she loved, resulting in 10X revenue in the first 90 days.

Got face time with entrepreneurs all over the country as a highly paid keynote speaker and used my experience to help my clients do the same.

Created and launched the first ever archetypal branding assessment and program of its kind resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Developed hundreds of business names, tag lines, and personal tag lines for customers over the years, resulting in supreme clarity and more business.

Assisted a client in conceptualizing and creating a lead-generating quiz that led to thousands of new, targeted subscribers to her newsletter.

Developed, nurtured, and sold three successful online side-hustle businesses of my own, each for more than 5-figures, in the past 10 years.


Hat tip to technology for gifting us with so many innovative ways to connect with one another. I’ve been blessed enough to work with clients from all corners of the globe. We’ve talked on the phone, emailed, and Skyped. But most of my very favorite and most powerful conversations have happened in-person. Because for as much as the online world gives us, it cannot take the place of personal interaction. There’s just something about the additional emotional investment that goes into a one-on-one conversation. We’ll still make plenty of headway virtually, but if deeper connections and coming together face-to-face is your jam, then let’s make it happen.

Please note: These clarity intensives do not include brand naming or tagline creation services, nor do they include copywriting or strategic planning advice.



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A single 90-minute intensive session to use as you wish. Depending on how deep we dive, we can address one large topic or touch on two or three smaller ideas during our time together. This is the perfect amount of time for those who need just some guidance or are looking for some advice or a few tweaks.





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Four 90-minute sessions to use as you wish. We’ll meet once a week for four consecutive weeks. In this time we can cover a lot of ground. Depending on what you’re looking for, we can tackle a large project and one or two smaller-sized projects in this time frame. Buy a single month or several.



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We meet twice a week for 90 minutes for four consecutive weeks. Depending on what you’d like to cover we can generally complete launch, map out a new program or service, or even conceptualize an entire personal brand in this time. If you need more time than this, please contact me for a custom quote.



My Philosophy

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” John C. Crosby

Your business is unique so your solutions need to be perfectly catered to your specific needs. No checklists or stock outlines, here. I have no agenda, no pre-determined course of action- there’s no authenticity in that. What I do have are a listening ear and a blank notepad. You lay it all out -where you want to go, what you’ve done, what you’re comfortable with, and we go from there.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

I’m a teacher, not an information purveyor. I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to help you learn what to do and show you how to do it yourself. You don’t want to always have to rely on me to take the next step. If you need some help with fresh sales ideas, new product lines or packages, figuring out HOW and WHERE to market yourself or are having trouble differentiating yourself from others in your field… I’m your (wo)man.

With over two and a half decades of successful sales and marketing experience, we’ll work together to take your business to the next level. And do it on your terms.

Happy Clients

Picture yourself having coffee with an old friend, but this friend knows everything there is to know about being successful in business. She shares it all with you because she wants nothing more than for you to succeed at your goals. This is what it is like working with Melissa. She is warm, funny, genuine, and a kick-ass businesswoman all rolled into one incredible business consultant! So, my advice to you? Run, don’t walk to work with her. You’re welcome! -Sheryn Senn Kelderhouse

Melissa has an incredible gift for conversing and listening in such a way that she will effortlessly draw out the bigger picture of who you are—your values, strengths, personal aesthetic, overall business vision and then mirror that picture back to you, so that you arrive at a better knowledge of yourself and a brand vision so relevant, congruent and seamlessly integrated you’re left wondering where it came from. She is genuine, approachable and powerfully intuitive—she grasps the essence of you, connects you to yourself, and in so doing, unleashes and empowers your vision. This is so much more than ‘just a brand consult’ – it’s the distillation of your vision into pure and workable form. -Megan Barnes

Melissa Bolton is the absolute Queen of Branding! As a clinical psychologist myself, I am in awe of her amazing psychology-based branding systems and how well they translate into targeting your customers and understanding your own branding process. She is able to think outside the box and use her extensive experience to help you establish and fine tune your brand, sales approach and company’s goals. You won’t be sorry if you consult with her. -Anne Freund


Melissa exceeded all expectations from start to finish. Her patience, ‘can do’ attitude, as well as her knowledge & understanding of my concept kept me very happy. She doesn’t leave anything to chance as her expectations of perfection for your business are equal to your own. I was overly super impressed with her desire to give ‘only’ the best results. With Melissa it’s not about money it’s about giving you what you paid for. Her integrity makes you feel completely at ease without any of the stresses one gets accustomed to when developing a new business. Without hesitation I would hire her again for future work & recommend her to anyone that only wants perfection. Thank you so much Melissa for an awesome job done to a very critical customer. -Margaret Ciuzelis

Let’s do this.

Still not sure?

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have prior to booking your session.