Your Brand Voice


Today I want to talk to you about brand voice; What it is and how to put yours to work for you.


Things are tough out there. Seriously. I’ve been hearing more and more about how the current economy is making it tough to survive in the overcrowded online world. With new competitors popping up every day, it’s hard to set yourself apart and get noticed. The exciting news is, you’ve got a powerful secret weapon in your arsenal: your brand’s unique voice.


Your brand voice is the primary vehicle you use to connect with people. It’s what your ideal customers (and all those potential customers) hear when your brand writes and speaks. It’s the best way to get your brand noticed, make connections, and keep yourself relevant and memorable.


It’s pretty important. So here’s an honest question: How much time have you spent chiseling and shaping that brand voice of yours? 


If you’re like most, the answer is ‘not nearly enough’. That’s why I spent the last year working on a Brand Voice offering that is second to none. Check this out…



My brand voice system covers every aspect (and then some). Each guide is catered to your personality and brand as well as to your ideal customers and industry. Your brand voice project is a unique and collaborative effort between you and I. The result is about 40 pages of brand voice clarity, authority, and originality.


Inside your brand voice guide you’ll find:

  • Your personalized brand core statements

  • How to put your brand values to work throughout your writing

  • The specifics about your unique tone, rhythm, and style

  • Your top two archetypes (+ how to write like your unique blend)

  • Your ideal customer profiles (+ how to motivate each of them)

  • Custom writing tips for you, your staff, and your copywriters

  • Charts and guided visuals to help you stay on-brand

  • A hand-selected, ownable work bank you can tap into

  • All the little quirks that make you sound like you

  • And lots more…



You’re here because you value top-tier branding information and service, so this isn’t some fill in the blanks effort. No. We both know that your brand is far too valuable and sophisticated for a MadLibs style approach to communication.


You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and sweat-equity into your brand, and your collateral needs to reflect that. That’s why your voice guide has been designed by me from scratch, so it won’t look like that cookie-cutter template your competitor is trying to pass off as an original.


You can read more about this process and how it all works, right here.


Scroll down for a peek inside a what typical brand voice guide looks like.

Not your vibe? No problem.  We can swap out photos, fonts, colors, and add your logo to make it your own.








Seen enough and know this is just what you’ve been looking for?   Reach out for more information and first steps.