5 Things Purpose Does for Your Brand

This article will explore 5 things purpose does for your brand.


A strong brand strategy will ensure that your brand is aligned with your core. It also helps you manage and control the narrative surrounding your brand. When you cultivate an emotional connection with the people you’re trying to reach, you increase the likelihood that those people will think, feel, and talk about you the way you want them to.


Having an expert brand strategy is something a lot of brands either overlook or try to patch together, often with lackluster results. I get it, Brand Strategy development can be expensive. My signature Brand Strategy service, Epitome, starts at $5,800. So believe me- I understand not everyone can afford it. 


So I created a complete DIY Brand Strategy System. Leaning on the same themes I use in my high-ticket work, I built a course that every brand owner needs. I broke it down into bite-size steps to make it easier on the schedule, the mind, and the budget. The modules in this course offer a comprehensive and tactical approach to brand strategy design and implementation. I think you’ll love it. 


And it all starts with your Brand Purpose.




Here are 5 things you should know about brand purpose, and how it helps shape your business for the competition-soaked road ahead. 



01. Purpose Differentiates

Having a clearly defined purpose sets you apart from other brands in your space, most specifically your competitors.


Different is better than better.” -Sally Hogshead


Being different means you’re unique. Different is hard to deny. You know it when you see it and you can actually feel it. Better, on the other hand, is really quite subjective. Better than what? Better for whom? That’s why, for a lot of people, better falls flat. 

But different? Different is something people can’t help but notice. In life you’re consistently presented with opportunities to conform to what everyone else is doing, or you can choose to light your own candle and step forward. I hope you choose the latter.

Because the only way you’re ever truly different from anyone and everyone else is through your own unbridled authenticity. And that begins with purpose.


Differentiate on purpose.




02. Purpose Unites

Everyone wants to be part of something they can believe in. And right now, that’s harder than ever as we’re coming off of a global pandemic that kept us apart, and when the only thing that seemed certain was uncertainty. In the aftermath, the bulk of business is being done virtually and the human touch is noticeably absent

More than ever, right now your right people are craving connection. They’re not just looking for an emotional network, they want a sense of belonging and community.

You can provide this simply by expressing your purpose. Your purpose acts like a beacon to your ideal customer letting them know you’re on the same page as them. That they’re welcome in your space. That they matter. That you share common beliefs. And that they found a place they can call home.

Drive your purpose stake deep into the ground.


Build your community on purpose.




03. Purpose Adds Value

In today’s highly saturated marketplace, the best way to compete is on purpose, not on price. People want to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, and they do so with their purchase power. It’s been shown that consumers are actually willing to pay a premium for offerings from brands who they believe in and feel aligned with. Focusing your relevance solely on price devalues your essence and reduces you from an individual brand all to a simple commodity. Commodities are detached and exchangeable. People aren’t loyal to a commodity, they’re loyal to a person.

I want that for you.


Be valued on purpose.






04. Purpose Is Intentional

Your purpose summarizes your motive. It’s actionable. You’ll live it and breathe it in everything you do, say, and create. Every single word in your purpose statement should be scrutinized and carefully chosen. It needs to earn the right to be there. 

Your purpose is not designed to be wrapped up, achieved, or completed. Rather, it’s a guidepost for all of your decisions and behaviors. It directs your decisions and keeps you on-message. Before every decision, get in the habit of asking yourself if it will serve your purpose. Be intentional about your decisions. All of them. 

An intentional sense of purpose is a compass that will help guide your brand choices toward authenticity.


Navigate with purpose.





05. Purpose Motivates

From plans, to innovation, to transformation, your brand purpose casts everything your brand is doing, forward. In doing so, you eliminate all of the time wasted deciding on a future path. When any one portion is rowing independently, you wind up going in circles. 

The same holds true with purpose. Purpose gives people inside the brand and outside the brand a reason to believe. It provides a deeper meaning, which keeps everyone on the same page and all rowing in the same direction. 


Forge ahead, on purpose.





Need a Purpose of your own?

If you’re curious, check out my brand core, including how I chose to articulate my own brand purpose statement.


How well do you know yourself? I put together a course on exactly what Brand Core is and how to find yours. As with everything I offer, it’s not a collection of Google-able, generic stuff. I leave that to the newbies. My stuff is intense and authentic and rooted in your own personality. I recommend you check it out. It’s a 3 phase system, comprised of 12 different parts. Phase 1 includes brand purpose. In fact, it’s so important that it’s actually phase 1, step 1. The article you just read is actually an excerpt from the course.


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