Brand Name


When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable. -Meg Whitman

Your business name is the first impression people have of you and what you do. 

A memorable and powerful brand name not only ensnares your right people in its grip and intrigues them into learning more, it also gets filed away for future reference. You need a brand name that works not just today and tomorrow, but something that will grow and change as you expand and scale your business. 


Why Do I Need One?
  • To capture attention. Without customers, your business is really just a hobby. A strong brand name will bring your right people to you like a magnet.
  • To differentiate yourself from the swell of competitors. 
  • To define who you are in no uncertain terms. Your brand name is your identity. Make sure it’s one you’re proud of and can stand behind for the foreseeable future and beyond.


The Process Of Crafting Your Catchphrase
  1. Snap up a spot in my schedule by using the Pay Now button below. If you’ve got any questions, contact me.  
  2. As soon as payment is received, I’ll send you a quick questionnaire to get a better idea of who you are both personally and professionally. I’ll also conduct a review of your current brand (if applicable). 
  3. Within a week (sometimes sooner) you’ll receive a list of at least 5 singular, personalized choices designed to make your right people sit up and take notice.

I’ve developed dozens of brand names for businesses. I’d be honored to help with yours.

Investment: $497


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