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About Me
My drive and passion for success began at an early age. I could rock a lemonade stand like no one’s business. These entrepreneurial roots undoubtedly assisted in spearheading a student organization on campus as a freshman, to becoming a million dollar producer my first year in sales at age 23, and a vice-president at a Fortune 500 finance company by 27, and be confident enough to turn in my briefcase for a diaper bag and retire from the standard world of work at age 30. I loved being home with my kids (still do!), but like many of you, I couldn’t silence the call for a creative outlet. I needed something to call my own.
Following a life long love of antiques and a knack for finding treasures in the most unlikely of places, I began a small boutique called Adored Before. I learned to appreciate the value creating beautiful art from yesteryear’s castoffs, turning trash into treasure (and cash) with my own two hands. My business was tremendously profitable from the very first year, in part due to my (low-cost and no-cost) marketing efforts and having unwittingly created something that resonated with my audience. Businesses don’t succeed by luck alone. Always inquisitive, I dug deep to see what I was doing that seemed to be working and where I was stuck. It all came back to branding. I shared my story authentically, developed a unique selling proposition, positioned my brand, and like magic, my niche came to me.
In the past couple of years I began to venture outside the artisan world into creativity of another sort. I have always marveled at the power of words. I was the kid who had a dictionary under my bed and learned as many new words as I could before I drifted off to sleep. And I’ve loved to read from as far back as I can remember, and not just dictionaries. Even today, I read between one and five books a week. I just can’t help myself. There’s so much to devour in literature. So when all of the words, thoughts and ideas I’d been collecting needed to be shared, writing was a natural progression. I flexed my creative mind and ventured down a new and uncertain path. I began Designher Brands in late 2010, offering copywriting, consulting, encouragement and resources for women in small business. A perfect combination of left-brain structure and drive and right-brain creativity and spontaneity.

In order to dedicate myself solely to this new adventure, I had to say farewell to an old friend. I needed to let go of yesterday to see tomorrow. I sold the boutique everything in it right down to the last earring and faced a most uncertain future. Again, my first year proved profitable. Suddenly, there was a wait list. Again, it all came down to authentic, persona based branding. Finding a niche and working it from all angles.

As I worked with clients to help launch dozens of new businesses I began to see the need for a service of another sort. I began to notice a trend. They were all spending money on advertising, but not on branding. As a result, they struggled. They didn’t know that they had it backwards. I felt the need to share some of the things I learned along the way about successful small business ownership. Everything I preached all came back to one thing: branding. But not just any branding. Persona based branding drenched in Psychology and business. And so, here we are.

I believe…

The business of business doesn’t have to have to be cringe-worthy. Here in my realm, you’ll find no stuffy formatted, pre-planned rigidity or formalities. No ‘one-size-fits-all’ work. It’s professionalism with a friendly flair.

Welcome to a judgment-free environment.

I truly believe you get a more authentic presence when you can open up and be yourself throughout the process. You needn’t ever feel uncomfortable about not knowing something. We all start somewhere! Let’s have some fun with this. Chances are, you got into this to do what you love. So let’s dig in, tap into your sisu, and make it happen. I guarantee with the proper guidance, it’s much easier than you think.

Taking things personally.
Because you are the brand, our work together will be a fully collaborative effort. You and I will be in touch throughout the process to ensure it’s exactly what you want from start to finish.

Why Me?

Some stuff I bring to the virtual work desk:

1. Easy to Work With: I take my work seriously but I’m super easy to get along with. I listen intently to your wants, needs, goals and we’ll proceed accordingly. I allow for flexibility throughout the creative process and will keep you on task without making you feel pressured or hurried.


2. Experience: From managing millions of dollars as a financial advisor to serial entrepreneurship, I come armed over two decades of business and marketing experience both online and in the corporate world. As a former online boutique owner myself, I understand the challenges online business owners go through and how to work through them.


3. Knowledge: A voracious reader, my thirst for knowledge is insatiable. I employ all that I know both academically and experientially throughout our work together.


4. Accountability: When we do business together, you deal with me and only me. I promise to get back to you in a timely fashion and with a thoughtful, thorough answer to your inquiries.


5. Skill: My methodologies have been years in the making. I’ve delicately honed them to be as efficient as they are thorough. I’ve got an uncanny ability to hear and develop your brand voice from the information I gather from you. One of my proudest moments was when a client said she cried when reading her new bio because she saw herself through new eyes and felt so proud of the accomplishments she never thought to put words to.


6. Respect:  I pride myself on maintaining a judgement-free zone. I’m relatable and empathetic, though unafraid to offer insights and suggestions to enhance your experience.


7. Value: When deciding on a creative collaborationist, you need to know that you’re working with someone competent, learned, and invested in your success. You may find cheaper, but you always get what you pay for. An investment in yourself and your business is priceless and the work we do together is destined to pay for itself many times over.


8. Creativity: As an artist and businessperson, I have a unique left-brain, right-brain perspective, complete with an effective brand of business savvy, grit, and unbounded creativity.


9. Understanding: Behind each and every business is a person. That person is you. I work with you, the individual, to discover and build your perfect business for your perfect people.


10. Perspective: Whenever I work with a business, I slip into a variety of roles to see the big-picture. Examining the brand from multiple viewpoints; that of the brand owner, the consumer, the marketplace, and even the competition.


11. Teamwork: I take your business personally and truly want to see you succeed. We’ll work together to create a custom tailored brand for you. Not just for today, but for the foreseeable future and beyond. Over the years, I have built an extensive network of colleagues whom I can call upon in the event we need them.


12. Caring: I take my work seriously and pride myself in building relationships. From the moment we decide to work together, I am invested in launching you towards prosperity.


13. Street Cred: Not that I encourage following the crowd, but lots of others have worked with me and have had lovely things to say. Contact me if you’d like to see samples of my work.



If you see yourself HERE, then we’ll probably get along swimmingly.

Drop me a line if you’ve got questions.