Melissa Bolton


Hi. I’m a Brand Therapist, Copywriter, and Archetypologist.


This is my story.


There are a lot of businesses out there. A ton, really. Every time you turn around there’s a fresh crop of people trying to capitalize on the latest idea. They’re more than happy to sell you their version of someone else’s idea shrouded in promises and flanked with fancy slick-tongued copy. But I’m not buying, literally or figuratively. Not yet, anyway.


Here’s the thing, in case you haven’t noticed (and I know you have), originality is getting a lot harder to come by. Authenticity is at a premium because, here in this ‘too much information’ driven age, everyone’s working overtime to try to fit in. But what they don’t get is in trying to fit in, they’re actually becoming background noise; drowned out by all the voices and vibes who sound exactly like them. A symphony of sameness. Look, there are plenty of posers out there. Those who try with all their might to look authentic while standing behind their ‘me too’ copycat brand. But people are getting wise to that . They aren’t going to fall for some faux persona. Not anymore. People want real. In fact, they demand it, and they do so with their buying power.


That’s where I come in. I help truly authentic, passion-driven individuals looking to set themselves apart from the static and find their own zone of genius. Through my own proprietary methodology, I help people understand and develop their most authentic persona and voice. I do this through personal and business branding, brand positioning, brand archetypes, one-on-one consulting, brand core discovery, as well as through copywriting.


Maybe you should be next.



Brand Therapist®



Still curious?
We’re more alike than you think. 

We all have a philosophy.


See what I believe.


Read my backstory.


I believe…


The business of business doesn’t have to have to be overwhelming. Here, you’ll find no stuffy formatted plans or uncomfortable formalities. And, of course, no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. You’re not like everyone else, and your outcomes should (and will) reflect that.


Welcome to a judgment-free environment.


I believe you get more authentic results when you can open up and be yourself throughout the process. Around here, you don’t ever need to feel uncomfortable about not knowing something. We all start somewhere, after all. You got into this to do what you love. So let’s dig in and make it happen. 



Taking things personally


Because you are the brand, our work together will be a collaborative effort. The two of us will be in touch throughout the process to ensure it’s exactly what you want from start to finish.



Wondering if we’d work well together?


Speaking at women's conferences across the country

Why Me?

Here’s a list of just some of the things you’ll get from working with me.


My methodologies have been years in the making. I’ve delicately honed them to be as efficient as they are thorough. I’ve got an uncanny ability to hear and develop your brand voice from the information I gather from you.


I’m relatable and empathetic, though unafraid to offer insights, ideas, and suggestions to enhance your experience. I want you to get the most out of our time together.


Whenever I work with a business, I slip into a variety of roles to see the big-picture. Examining the brand from multiple viewpoints; that of the brand owner, the consumer, the marketplace, and even the competition.


From managing millions of dollars as a financial advisor to my own adventures as a serial entrepreneur both in service and product-based businesses, I’ve got over 25 years of successful business and marketing experience, both online and in the corporate world.


Behind each and every business is a person. That person is you. I work with you, the individual, to discover and build your perfect business for your perfect people. I take my work seriously and pride myself in building relationships.


As both an artist and businessperson myself, I have a unique left-brain, right-brain perspective – complete with an effective brand of business savvy, grit, and unbounded creativity.


There are so many copycat businesses out there. I created my systems they’re not knockoffs of someone else’s. I know them inside and out. When you work with me you get genuine, authenticity every step of the way.


When deciding on a creative collaborationist, you may find cheaper, but you always get what you pay for. An investment in yourself and your business is priceless, and the work we do together is destined to pay for itself many times over.


I listen intently to your wants, needs, goals and we’ll proceed accordingly. I allow for flexibility and grace throughout the creative process and will keep you on task without making you feel pressured or hurried.


When we do business together, you deal with me and only me. I promise I will always get back to you in a timely fashion with thoughtful, thorough responses to your inquiries.


An avid researcher and voracious reader, my thirst for knowledge is insatiable. I employ all that I know both academically and experientially throughout our work together. And I am always working to figure out if there’s a better way.


Not that I encourage following the crowd, but lots of others have worked with me and have had lovely things to say. Contact me if you’d like to see samples of my work.