The Secret to Building a Brand that Connects and Converts

Humanizing your brand and learning to leverage its unique personality is the best way to not only better understand yourself, but to create truly meaningful relationships with your right people.

Your brand archetype is your brand's personality. Understanding your brand on this deeper level helps shape your identity, messaging, visuals, and communication style. Suddenly, everything fall into place. You're able to make more informed, comfortable decisions. You'll realize why some customers feel like a perfect fit, and others, don't. Your brand becomes a living, breathing entity. It's been said that people don't do business with businesses, they do business with people. When you personify your brand you become relatable, likable, and unforgettable. Learn your brand archetype, and set yourself apart from the competition and stand on your own merits. You'll be able to build a brand strategy that aligns with who you truly are, not who you've been taught to believe you are or who you're expected to be.

Is It Legit?

My free assessment has been taken over a million times with great success. Don't be fooled by knock-off quizzes that may offer skewed results. My quiz has been scientifically tested and proven over 15 years to be the most accurate one on the market. Take my free brand archetype quiz to discover your brand's personality and say goodbye to persuasive selling and hello to a more profitable, relationship-based business that truly matters.

I structured the assessment to provide your top three archetypes in order of dominance. At the end of the quiz, you'll have the opportunity to download a free report to help you understand your brands'a archetypal persona on a deeper level and show you how to leverage it across your brand strategy for the most powerful, effective results.

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A job I could MOST see myself enjoying is:

The set of core values that align best with my brand are:

I would most like my brand to be perceived as:

I will feel like a success when I can look back and say:

I would least like my brand to be viewed as:

I would most like to hear someone compliment me on:

If my brand had a highly profitable year, I would most likely spend the extra funds on: