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Humanizing your brand and learning to leverage its unique personality is the best way to not only better understand yourself, but to create truly meaningful relationships with your right people. Take the free quiz to discover your brand's personality and say goodbye to persuasive selling and hello to a more profitable, relationship-based business that truly matters. I have restructured the assessment to give you your top three archetypes in order of dominance. At the end, you'll be able to download a free 19-page report on your archetypal personas to use in your work. Let's go.




I would MOST like my brand to be seen as:

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The tagline that aligns BEST with my brand message is:

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The set of core values that aligns BEST with my brand are:

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When hiring, my ideal candidate would be someone who:

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My brand's GREATEST strength is:

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I would MOST like to hear someone compliment me on:

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A job I could MOST see myself enjoying is:

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I will feel like a success when I can look back and say:

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I would LEAST like my brand to be viewed as:

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If my brand had a highly profitable year, I would most likely spend the extra funds on:

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