The official brand archetype hub

Here, you’ll find links to all twelve brand archetype hubs. Each individual hub is a treasure trove of stunning graphic resources and more to help you bring your archetype to life in your brand. Use them to attract your right people and create deep emotional connections with your ideal customers. Feel free to stop in and explore them all.


If you aren’t sure what your type is, you can find out for free with my free archetype quiz, right here.



Click the specific archetype to be brought to the individual archetype hub. There you’ll see a huge collection of designer-made, budget-friendly, hand-selected fonts, graphics, templates, resources, and so much more – each individualized for your brand archetype. You’re going to love it.



Want more?


Pick up a copy of your individual brand archetype course. Inside you’ll find:

  • 10 value-packed modules (nearly 60 lessons in total)
  • Printable color worksheets
  • PDF guides + references

Tons of valuable, relevant information and insights on your unique personality type. It’s the Complete DIY Guide to building a brand around your archetype. It’ll help you leverage your strengths and show you  how to weave your superpowers throughout your brand presence and your offerings.


Here’s what’s inside every single course:

√  Archetypes explained

√  Meet your archetype

√  Your shadow and what to do to avoid it

√  Your aliases

√  An overview of your essence

√  Real world examples of other famous people and brands with your type

√  Your strengths and how to leverage them

√  Your stereotypes and how to avoid them

√  Your brand values and how to showcase them

√  Your right people and how to sell to them

√  Your ideal offerings including freebies you can offer to start attracting the right kinds of buyers

√ An overview of your archetype as a consumer

√  Tips on how to serve your niche

√  Your wrong people, who to avoid and why

√  Your brand voice and how to use it powerfully throughout your brand presence

√  Inspirational quotes and words to use on your website and in your opt-ins

√  Words and symbols that work best to help you show off your brand type

√  Tips for developing your brand voice, copy, and design

√  Psychology-based brand colors

√  Brand typography suggestions and examples

√  Imagery and graphics examples for inspiration

√  A vision board

√  A host of sales and marketing strategies catered to your brand archetype to help your unique type thrive

√  Your brand touchpoints

√  A list of things to do and things to avoid

√  And lots more