The Archetype Directory

A directory of the twelve different archetypal personas designed to help you understand yourself and others more clearly. If you haven’t done so yet, take the free archetypal assessment. Each brand archetype below has a two-sided button. One side will help you find out where to get your brand playbook, and the other side will take you to your individual archetype hubs. Have fun exploring and learning.

•⊰ Luminary ⊱•


A reliable source for next-level information. Generously shares their findings and enlightens others.

Goal: To seek truth, knowledge, and understanding.

Values: Clarity, curiosity, intelligence, confidence, wisdom, truth, critical thinking, and open mindedness.

•⊰ Innocent ⊱•


An eternal optimist who inspires others to seek positivity, joy, and simplicity in all areas of their lives.

Goal: To find happiness and purpose through uncomplicated means.

Values: Wholesomeness, purity, idealism, trust, honesty, optimism, simplicity, hope, and renewal.

•⊰ Explorer ⊱•


A curious wanderlust who thrives on self-discovery and gaining a better understanding of the world around them.

Goal: To achieve fulfillment through new adventures and discovery.

Values: Freedom, self-discovery, possibility, ambition, discovery, integrity, adventure, and growth.

•⊰ Monarch ⊱•


A commanding presence with both the desire and ability to lead. Inspires others to believe that they can excel with the right strategies.

Goal: To lead by example and create a prosperous and controlled environment.

Values: Systems, responsibility, organization, stewardship, confidence, results, efficiency, and control.

•⊰ Creator ⊱•


An inherently expressive and non-conformist visionary they use imagination to transform reality and can find inspiration anywhere.

Goal: To create unique and meaningful offerings with enduring value.

Values: Art, imagination, self-expression, authenticity, vision, innovation, value, craftsmanship, and creativity.

•⊰ Nurturer ⊱•


A caregiver who demonstrates great care and compassion for others. Prefers the sideline to the spotlight.

Goal: To make sure others feel worthy, cared for, and valued.

Values: Kindness, compassion, dedication, caring, altruism, empathy, support, generosity, and understanding.

•⊰ Magician ⊱•


A visionary able to transform situations and influence others to turn dreams into realities. Views life with limitless possibility.

Goal: To bring ideas to life, create great transformations, and to make things happen.

Values: Possibility, vision, synchronicity, intuition, inspiration, action, inventiveness, intention, and charisma.

•⊰ Warrior ⊱•


A hero figure who always fights for what matters. Disciplined and caring they use courage to defeat obstacles.

Goal: To help themselves and others push themselves beyond their limits and become the best they can be.

Values: Courage, bravery, will, determination, grit, discipline, competition, strength, winning, and action.

•⊰ Maverick ⊱•


An innovative boundary stretcher unsatisfied with the status quo, they are fearless, revered, and anything but ordinary.

Goal: To buck trends and create change without concern for comfort levels.

Values: Non-conformity, innovation, radical ideas, powerful change, rebelliousness, liberation, and confidence.

•⊰ Passionate ⊱•


A relationship oriented soul who seeks connection, intensity, harmony, and depth in their relationships with others.

Goal: To develop a pleasing environment and to help people feel appreciated.

Values: Relationships, appreciation, connection, emotional intelligence, passion, commitment, and harmony.

•⊰ Jester ⊱•


A lighthearted individual who laughs at life’s absurdities and encourages others to enjoy life with all of its paradoxes and dilemmas.

Goal: To help others to life a more enjoyable life and take things less seriously.

Values: Playfulness, joy, light-heartedness, impulsivity, spontaneity,  exuberance, humor, and resourcefulness.

•⊰ Communitarian ⊱•


Relatable and loyal they accept others fully and believe that we’re all created equal and have something unique to offer.

Goal: To foster a sense of belonging where people feel accepted and valued.

Values: Unity, fairness, dignity, empathy, camaraderie, collaboration, community, and resilience.

The Archetypes