The Archetype Directory

A directory of the twelve different archetypal personas designed to help you understand yourself and others more clearly. If you haven’t done so yet, take the free archetypal assessment.

•⊰ Luminary ⊱•


A reliable source for next-level information. Generously shares their findings and enlightens others.

Goal: To seek truth, knowledge, and understanding.

Values: Clarity, curiosity, intelligence, confidence, wisdom, truth, critical thinking, and open mindedness.

•⊰ Innocent ⊱•


An eternal optimist who inspires others to seek positivity, joy, and simplicity in all areas of their lives.

Goal: To find happiness and purpose through uncomplicated means.

Values: Wholesomeness, purity, idealism, trust, honesty, optimism, simplicity, hope, and renewal.

•⊰ Explorer ⊱•


A curious wanderlust who thrives on self-discovery and gaining a better understanding of the world around them.

Goal: To achieve fulfillment through new adventures and discovery.

Values: Freedom, self-discovery, possibility, ambition, discovery, integrity, adventure, and growth.

•⊰ Monarch ⊱•


A commanding presence with both the desire and ability to lead. Inspires others to believe that they can excel with the right strategies.

Goal: To lead by example and create a prosperous and controlled environment.

Values: Systems, responsibility, organization, stewardship, confidence, results, efficiency, and control.

•⊰ Creator ⊱•


An inherently expressive and non-conformist visionary they use imagination to transform reality and can find inspiration anywhere.

Goal: To create unique and meaningful offerings with enduring value.

Values: Art, imagination, self-expression, authenticity, vision, innovation, value, craftsmanship, and creativity.

•⊰ Nurturer ⊱•


A caregiver who demonstrates great care and compassion for others. Prefers the sideline to the spotlight.

Goal: To make sure others feel worthy, cared for, and valued.

Values: Kindness, compassion, dedication, caring, altruism, empathy, support, generosity, and understanding.

•⊰ Magician ⊱•


A visionary able to transform situations and influence others to turn dreams into realities. Views life with limitless possibility.

Goal: To bring ideas to life, create great transformations, and to make things happen.

Values: Possibility, vision, synchronicity, intuition, inspiration, action, inventiveness, intention, and charisma.

•⊰ Warrior ⊱•


A hero figure who always fights for what matters. Disciplined and caring they use courage to defeat obstacles.

Goal: To help themselves and others push themselves beyond their limits and become the best they can be.

Values: Courage, bravery, will, determination, grit, discipline, competition, strength, winning, and action.

•⊰ Maverick ⊱•


An innovative boundary stretcher unsatisfied with the status quo, they are fearless, revered, and anything but ordinary.

Goal: To buck trends and create change without concern for comfort levels.

Values: Non-conformity, innovation, radical ideas, powerful change, rebelliousness, liberation, and confidence.

•⊰ Passionate ⊱•


A relationship oriented soul who seeks connection, intensity, harmony, and depth in their relationships with others.

Goal: To develop a pleasing environment and to help people feel appreciated.

Values: Relationships, appreciation, connection, emotional intelligence, passion, commitment, and harmony.

•⊰ Jester ⊱•


A lighthearted individual who laughs at life’s absurdities and encourages others to enjoy life with all of its paradoxes and dilemmas.

Goal: To help others to life a more enjoyable life and take things less seriously.

Values: Playfulness, joy, light-heartedness, impulsivity, spontaneity,  exuberance, humor, and resourcefulness.

•⊰ Communitarian ⊱•


Relatable and loyal they accept others fully and believe that we’re all created equal and have something unique to offer.

Goal: To foster a sense of belonging where people feel accepted and valued.

Values: Unity, fairness, dignity, empathy, camaraderie, collaboration, community, and resilience.

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