Archetypal Branding

The Archetypes

Discover your brand archetype for free. Then learn to leverage it in your life and business, and suddenly, everything falls into place. Everything makes sense. Everything is as it should be. Just like that.

The Complete Guide to building a brand around your unique archetype.

As humans, we’re conditioned to seek relevance, meaning, and connection. Each archetype addresses unique needs, goals, and desires. Because we’re naturally drawn to what feels comfortable to us, we’re also naturally attracted to brands with archetypes that display similar values, characteristics, and personality. Being able to showcase these things and get them in front of the right people will make all the difference in your business.

Archetypes are used in branding to:

√ humanize the experience

√ create emotional reactions and associations

√ show you stand for something bigger than yourself

√ differentiate you from competitors

√ define a unique, own-able space

√ act as a guide for brand persona and behavior

√ define an enforceable internal values system

√ create a scaleable brand vision and roadmap

Use this guide to build a brand that’s second to none. There’s a lot of information here. Depending on the type of business you have and where you are in your journey not everything will apply. We’re all so unique, after all. Some of what’s here initially surprise you, but much of it will feel familiar to you. After all, this is you.

Your Brand Archetype Playbook is designed to be a roadmap to help you finesse your archetype into your work fluidly. Use what works and dismiss the rest.


Ready to develop an intentionally created, purpose driven life and business? 

Archetypal Branding

Take the complimentary archetypal brand assessment to discover your unique Brand Archetype and pick up a copy of the Playbook to learn how to leverage it in your life and business. Each book is packed with information on how to capitalize on your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and create a purely archetyped brand presence that promises to explode your business.



Start by taking the free archetypal branding self-assessment.



Then come on back here and pick up a copy of your very own Archetypal Brand Playbook. It will help you leverage your strengths and give you intense instructions on how to weave your superpowers throughout your brand presence and your offerings.



Don’t change yourself so that other people will like you.

Be thoroughly yourself so the right people will love you.

Pick up a copy of your individual brand playbook and get to know yourself and your brand like never before.

Inside this digital guide are dozens of beautifully designed pages packed full of relevant information and insights on your unique type. It’s the Complete DIY Guide to building a brand around your archetype. It’ll help you leverage your strengths and show you  how to weave your superpowers throughout your brand presence and your offerings.

Here’s what’s inside every single guide:

√  Archetypes explained.

√  Meet your archetype.

√  Your shadow and what to do to avoid it.

√  Your aliases.

√  An overview of your essence.

√  Real world examples of other famous people and brands with your type.

√  Your strengths and how to leverage them.

√  Your stereotypes and how to avoid them.

√  Your brand values and how to showcase them.

√  Your right people and how to sell to them.

√  Your ideal offerings including freebies you can offer to start attracting the right kinds of buyers.

√ An overview of your archetype as a consumer.

√  Tips on how to serve your niche.

√  Your wrong people, who to avoid and why.

√  Your brand voice and how to use it powerfully throughout your brand presence.

√  Inspirational quotes and words to use on your website and in your opt-ins.

√  Words and symbols that work best to help you show off your brand type.

√  Tips for developing your brand voice, copy, and design.

√  Psychology-based brand colors.

√  Brand typography suggestions and examples.

√  Imagery and graphics examples for inspiration.

√  A vision board.

√  A host of sales and marketing strategies catered to your brand archetype to help your unique type thrive.

√  Your brand touchpoints.

√  A list of things to do and things to avoid.

√  And lots more.