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As humans, we’re conditioned to seek relevance and meaning. We relate to one another because we connect with a story. Stories capture our attention, initiate our emotions and make us feel that we’re engaged in the narrative. We can see how we fit into things, bringing a sense of belonging and allegiance and an aura of genuine connection.


Story + Branding = Storybranding
Whether in a book, on TV or in our real lives, our favorite characters leave us wanting more. When we feel involved, we’re at ease and invested. Branding works the same way. Mindshare is earned when your story echoes within the psyche of your potential consumer. A story well-told elicits behavioral responses, driving action.

Chronicling your brand through your Archetype draws your right people to you. By understanding your truest you, you genuinely exude a sense uniquity in all you do, it can’t help but shine through in your life and in your work. Your right people are drawn to you because you ‘get’ them.

Your Archetype is your main character and you share it through your brand.
Humanizing your brand through story branding makes you relatable, likable and approachable. It’s personal. And when it’s felt, it resonates. When you’re living your authentic story with conviction, your brand begins to exude a natural consistency through the trustworthiness and originality your right people are seeking.

Archetyping provides a purely holistic approach to building your brand and connecting you with your most-likely-to-buy people. Through the power of clarity, you gain refined vision and fluency of communication, saving time and money.

Do what you love for who you love.

Create. Connect. Convert.
This program was designed to replace consulting sessions for the you do-it-yourselfers and those on a budget. The one-on-one sessions that would cover everything in this course would be over $1,000. I designed this course to do at your own pace and at a fraction of the cost.  

Here’s how it works.
Use this tool to discover your archetype. It’s an amazing way to get you in touch with your true self through exploration of your collective unconscious. Once you’ve figured it out, your ideal customer profile begins to take shape. When you truly know what you love to do, what you’re good at, and who you’d most like to serve, you’re able to create and develop offerings to suit their needs. And yours.

By creating an experiential roadmap, you’re connecting with consumers on a primordial level. Walk along their path and see it from the outside in. Your specific benefits, through your archetypal brand, will be funneled to the distinct specifics and keep your customer engaged and interested throughout the purchase path. Say hello to a relationship-based business and goodbye to persuasive selling.

Live your Archetype and your brand comes into focus.
This program is about YOU, the brand. And there’s nothing cookie-cutter about it. It’s about getting it right from the embryonic stage straight through to sustainability. Inside you’ll find over 100 pages of information you need to develop or retool your brand and position it comfortably for success within your realm. I’ve also included more detailed ‘in depth profiles’ of each archetype and workable suggestions on how to infuse them into your brand and your life quickly, easily, and effectively.

Identify your Archetype. Learn it. Live it. Breathe it. Never stop developing it. 


This system is right for you if you’re:

  • a solopreneur, entrepreneur, wanna-preneur, or microbusiness owner
  • a guru or a newbie
  • an existing brand, a re-brand, or a gonna-be-a-brand soon
  • willing to tweak, re-arrange, red ink or otherwise make some long-time-coming changes to the areas of your life and your business that are holding you back


At the end of this program, you’ll: 

  • gain a clearly defined, nuanced picture of your truest self
  • learn to leverage your undeniable uniquity  in your life and your work
  • understand the roles others play in your story, and out in the wild
  • have a specific portrait of your right people
  • understand what it takes to become a front-of-mind choice within your realm
  • learn to develop an untouchable competitive advantage as you develop a virtually copy-proof brand
  • have an arsenal of branding strategies for each archetype, including visual brand, and copy suggestions
  • And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll have learned how to have guilt-free confidence as you build your brand around your life- and not the other way around.

The result is a better business model, better customers and a happier you.

Returning soon, all new for 2018.
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