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Three Point Website Optimization | Melissa BoltonWebsite optimization and basic SEO are perhaps among of the most confusing and misunderstood aspects of online business ownership. Conflicting information, shady promises, and overwhelming amounts of information can make for a daunting process. With over twenty years of business, sales, and marketing experience, I have a good grasp on how to achieve website fluidity. I’ll pull back the curtain and comb through your site with my seasoned lens to identify any outward hurdles that may be hindering your success. 

I’ve condensed the essential elements into a trio of concise, easy to understand parts.

This three point analysis includes: 

  • Title Elements
  • Meta Description Tags
  • Flow

1.0 – Title Elements

Titles elements are used to display a short snippet of what the visitor can expect to find on a given page. They include keywords and your branding. I’ll go through your site and add relevant title elements to each and every current, existing page on your site.

Where they show up in the wild:

1. In the top tab of the browser:

Meta Description Tab








2. In search engine results [each individual page should have its own tag]:

SERP Meta Tag







 3. As anchor text when shared on external websites, including social media:









2.0 – Meta Description Tags

Due to the evervolving algorithms used by major search engines like Google, meta description tags have depleted in importance as they apply to SEO. They are, however, imperative to spurring interest and generating click-throughs that come from search engine result pages [SERPs].

These tags are a concise detailing of what one might expect to find on any given page. Think of it as a mini advertisement. Each individual page has an important purpose, thus you’ll want to avoid duplicating description copy.

This service includes professionally written meta page descriptions- a unique one for each current and active page on your site. Proper length is key, as Google truncates content that exceeds its current character allotment. Your search engine results will be relevant, properly sized, and effective. 

Where they show up:

On search engine result pages [SERPs]. They’ll look like this:

Meta Description






3.0 – Flow

Finally, I’ll stroll through your existing site through my expert lens to uncover any obstacles or potential concerns. In the end, you’ll receive a detailed report with easy-to-understand explanations paired with actionable suggestions for increased relevance and a more user friendly experience.


Investment: $395



 Each of the points in this service will help your website look and feel more professional, thus increasing accountability and exposure. A properly polished page will ensure your ranking methodologies are efficient, safe, and appealing across the board.

While I can’t promise to launch to you Google stardom*, I can promise to help make your website more appealing to potential visitors, existing visitors, and search engines alike. 

*Please note that getting a website ranked on a major search engine is a years-long process. There is not a company in existence who can deliver on the promise of rocketing your site to instant fame on Google. So save your time, money, and a whole lot of frustration and do the things you can do. Do them right and do them well. This article should shine more light on this topic.

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