Gardening Your Soul

Gardening Your Soul

pulling the toxic weeds in your life


Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How does your garden grow?

Weeds have a way of popping up everywhere, regardless of our efforts to tame them. They’re an unfortunate and inevitable part of life. Sadly, we’ve all dealt with people in life who have that invasive, choking effect on us. And yet, we sometimes feel obligated to keep them around.

Why do you allow them to inhabit your space? Maybe you’re afraid of hurting their feelings. Maybe you’re feeling guilty or feel we deserve it. You don’t. You deserve to live your life amid the flowers.To reap a harvest of purity. Your very own Garden of Eden.

Once you have tended your ground and have taken control of your oasis, identifying and pulling the offending intruders becomes far easier. Your soil becomes more fertile and you free up valuable space for more beautiful flowers to bloom.

You owe it to yourself to get free of these intruders that choke the life out of your dreams. You’ll never reach your full potential in business or in life if your feet are entwined within the weeds. Free yourself so you can soar.

Start today, for before you know it the growing season will be over. Pull your weeds and let the light reach the things in your life that truly deserve cultivating. 

’til next time,