art is…you

art is…you

There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met.  Jim Henson
I’m just settling back in after a pretty amazing weekend at the Art is…You Retreat in Stamford, Connecticut last week. I met so many wonderful people as I watched my Facebook friends list come to life before my very eyes. 
With so many exceedingly creative individuals in one place, one cannot help wanting to soak some of it up like a sponge. Inspiration was in the air. You could almost smell it. And it was marvelously intoxicating.
Sunday we had breakfast together. Over 200 of us, that is, as we gathered for The Breakfast for the Brave.
I had the distinct honor of moderating the event , speaking with renowned artists  Kecia DeVeney, Seth Apter, Jodi Ohl & Tracy Verdugo.
I got their individual takes on bravery and how their own choices have affected their success.
One of the questions I asked was :
‘Do you ever create for affirmation?’
I think it’s an important question. One we should all be asking ourselves regularly. 
Why am I creating this?
Am I creating it because it’s what ‘the people’ want? 
Is it because it’s popular, trendy or has potential to go viral? 

Because I’ve seen something similar and it was selling well?
Or am I creating because this is flagrantly me and this is what I have to share? 

I knew their answers going into it because I’ve seen them in action. A resounding no. They’re authentic to the bone & everything the touch turns into pure magic. 

None of them {and none of us} can ever truly be successful coming from a place of contrivance. 

Things don’t sell, people sell. We like them. They speak to us. They know where we’re coming from because they’ve been there. They’re laying out their raw, unabashed brand of self for us and either we love it or we don’t. And they’re okay with that, because they’re not doing this for everyone. They’re doing it for themselves and they’re offering it to those who relate and are touched by it. And they’re surrounded by a gaggle of  adoring fans and friends {myself included!}. Their fans and followers are devout because they resonate with what they’re doing and why. No ruse. No stratagem. Just pure, crystalline authenticity. 
Sure, it’s great to supply the demand, but not at the cost of your creative soul. 
It’s what separates the creators from the manufacturers.
Build it and they will come. 
What could be better than that?
Do what you love …and do it for you… and the rest will fall into place. 
A HUGE thank you to Sallianne and Ellen for asking me to be a part of their larger-than-life event. It was an epiphany. And thank you both for adding your own special sauce to the land of creativity, actualizing a masterpiece enjoyed and felt by so very many.


’til next time,

Melissa siggy