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The Jester

The Jester helps us to laugh at life’s little absurdities. At home in a crowd, you’re unconcerned with trying to impress others by putting on airs. You know that it’s truly possible to be adored for exactly who and what you are.

You appreciate yesterday and anticipate tomorrow, but you truly live for today. You also enjoy being able to be a bit naughty without radically breaking the rules.

A great talker, you’re rarely caught off guard. Generally the life of the party, you call for fun in all of life’s situations and people are drawn to you for this. You believe that the world would be a much better place if everyone would just lighten up a bit.

The Jester’s right people include those who desire ease of use, low to moderately priced items, and convenience. They want to feel connected to the brand as though they know it personally. They seek to enjoy life and avoid negativity at all costs.


You only live once.
Enjoy each day to the fullest.
Laughter is the best medicine.




Boring others
Missing out on fun
Being bored
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Meet the others

We’re not in any of this alone. It’s important not only to understand ourselves, but others. 

Understanding a bit about the other archetypes will help you comprehend why others do the things they do, what inspires them, what they fear, and what drives their goals and behaviors.

Remember, there are no right or wrong archetypes. And there are no absolutes.

Visit the Archetype Directory to get familiar with the other types. You’re bound to see familiar faces there. You may even see a little of yourself in some of the other types; A good sign that you would get along quite well with them.

What’s your type?

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