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The Innocent

The Innocent Brand Archetype is an optimist who can always find a silver lining in every cloud. You appreciate simplicity and the natural state of things, and strive to keep things as uncomplicated as possible.
With a strong moral fiber Innocent brands strive to help people meet the basic needs of happiness and simplicity in their otherwise hectic lives. Ethics, purity, and simplicity are the hallmarks of the Innocent brand. It’s seen most commonly in non-profit organizations, mom and pop shops, and businesses that produce natural, safety conscious goods and services.

Spiritually and socially aware, you exude empathy and honesty. Nostalgia evokes deep emotions in you and you enjoy reflecting on past experiences to once again enjoy the memories and lessons the past has gifted you with.
Genuinely concerned with the well-being of others, you’re viewed as a wholesome brand, full of virtue. You enjoy the safety and calmness and the security of open, trusting relationships, both personally and professionally.


Less is more.
Don’t worry, be happy.


To be happy
To simplify things
To evoke nostalgia


Making others unhappy
Being punished
Doing something wrong
Overcomplicating things
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Meet the others

We’re not in any of this alone. It’s important not only to understand ourselves, but others. 

Understanding a bit about the other archetypes will help you comprehend why others do the things they do, what inspires them, what they fear, and what drives their goals and behaviors.

Remember, there are no right or wrong archetypes. And there are no absolutes.

Visit the Archetype Directory to get familiar with the other types. You’re bound to see familiar faces there. You may even see a little of yourself in some of the other types; A good sign that you would get along quite well with them.

What’s your type?

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