Meet The Creator Archetype

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The Creator

As a Creator brand, you’re as self-expressive as you are imaginative. You have an innate ability to see inspiration all around you, and seem to find it in the most unlikely of places.
Your work comes from the heart, a blend of your unique experiences and feelings. Because you put so much of yourself into your offerings, you have a strong desire to create something of enduring value.
You’re naturally very creative and enjoy expressing your individuality in all that you do.
Because you’re comfortable in your own skin, the opinions of others rarely factor into your personal sense of style or into the way you do things. Authenticity in all aspects of life is very important to you.


Express yourself.
Authenticity above all else.
If you can imagine it, it can be done.




Making something of enduring value


Being uninspired
Fitting in

Creating mediocre work
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Meet the others

We’re not in any of this alone. It’s important not only to understand ourselves, but others. 

Understanding a bit about the other archetypes will help you comprehend why others do the things they do, what inspires them, what they fear, and what drives their goals and behaviors.

Remember, there are no right or wrong archetypes. And there are no absolutes.

Visit the Archetype Directory to get familiar with the other types. You’re bound to see familiar faces there. You may even see a little of yourself in some of the other types; A good sign that you would get along quite well with them.

What’s your type?

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