As humans, we’re conditioned to seek relevance, meaning, and connection. Each archetype addresses unique needs, goals, and desires. Because we’re naturally drawn to what feels comfortable to us, we’re also naturally attracted to brands with archetypes that display similar values, characteristics, and personality. Being able to showcase these things and get them in front of the right people will make all the difference in your business.

Archetypes are used in branding to:

  • humanize the experience.
  • create emotional reactions and associations.
  • show you stand for something bigger than yourself.
  • differentiate you from competitors.
  • define a unique, ownable space.
  • act as a guide for brand persona and behavior.
  • define an enforceable internal values system.
  • create a scaleable brand vision and roadmap.

Use this guide to build a brand that’s second to none. There’s a lot of information here. Depending on the type of business you have and where you are in your journey not everything will apply. We’re all so unique, after all. Some of what’s here initially surprise you, but much of it will feel familiar to you. After all, this is you.

This playbook is designed to be a roadmap to help you finesse your archetype into your work fluidly. Use what works and dismiss the rest.

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Don’t change yourself so that other people will like you.

Be thoroughly yourself so the right people will love you.

Here’s what’s inside every single guide:

1. Welcome Letter

2. Archetypes Explained

3. Meet your Archetype

4. Your Shadow

5. Your Aliases

6. Overview

7. The Spectrum

8. Real-world Examples

9. Your Strengths

10. Your Stereotypes

11. Your Brand Values

12. Your Right People

13. Your Offerings

14. Serving Your Niche

15. Your Wrong People

16. Brand Voice

17. Words To Live By

18. Words & Symbols

19. Brand Colors

20. Brand Typography

21. Brand Visuals

22. Vision Board

23. Brand Strategies

24. Touchpoints

25. Do’s & Dont’s

26. How To Add Value

27. Design & Copy

28. As A Secondary Archetype

29. Blending Your Types

30. Archetypal Impact Words

31. Continuing Development

32. Grow Your Tribe

33. A Final Word