Creating a Soul-Full Brand

Creating a Soul-Full Brand

When Romy, the creator of Diva Mystic, asked me to put together a piece for her magazine, I was thrilled. I love the concept: a publication geared towards sensitive souls. There are so many of us, and this is a magazine we can call our own. I encourage you to check it out!

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Archetypal Branding by Melissa Bolton

My article talks about Creating a Soul-Full Brand. One that satiates your own longings but also addresses those of your niche. Inside you’ll also find 130 + pages overflowing with goodness brought to you by 16 lovely Sensitive Souls who will share their wisdom, experiences and knowledge with you, topped with inspiration, ideas, journaling prompts, quotes and two special gifts:  A downloadable Food & Mood Journal + The Later Bloomer Calendar!

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Melissa Bolton

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